Setup, Playability and Adjustment

Violin making north wales setup


Or do I?….


When a violin, viola or cello is optimally set up:

Its tonal potential is maximised.

It is physically easier to play, minimising issues arising from posture and technique.

If all contributing factors are in balance, musical passages difficult or problematic now become possible, even easy to play.

In short you ENJOY yourself more…




Instrument minutely checked and any gluing necessary done. Open seams or cracks have a negative impact on sound production.

Instrument carefully cleaned with conservation grade materials, removing rosin build up and de persperising the upper rib if required. The psychological uplift in prowess conferred by playing a clean and polished instrument should not be underestimated.

Pegs fitted or existing pegs lubricated.

Usually new strings, as tonal adjustment is then more reliable.

Soundpost – most posts I see are defective in either fitting or positioning.

Handcut bridge –  giving correct string heights and acoustically optimised.

violin making north wales violin bridge

violin making north wales cello bridge

Fingerboard shot and resurfaced to correct lateral and longitudinal curvatures.

Nut cut down if necessary.

Re-finish neck if necessary – I have a great neck finish, the best!

Tailgut adjusted to give a correct string afterlength.

Tuning, with pegs that turn smoothly and hold their position, should be easy and accurate. Traditional wooden pegs and mechanical pegs employing an internal reduction gear are both an option.

All these factors individually make a perceptible difference. Cumulatively their contributions can make your violin feel like a new instrument.



Adjustment of tonal balance, with the client if that is what they would like.




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