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Built without compromise from the finest and rarest tonewoods

True professional’s instruments.


Violin Making 2017 Violin Back

New instruments represent the player’s bargain of our age. With classical instruments even by third rank makers or even “school of” commanding ever higher prices due to the involvement of the investor, speculator and collector, the astute player can sidestep this market, and for a fraction of the price obtain something which:

Is in first class (“as new”, indeed!) condition and has no restoration or attribution issues.

Has projection, tonal qualities and a tonal palette superior to an equivalently priced antique.

Can involve the player at all stages, from the choice of wood to neck profile, from fittings to varnish.

A choice of varnish is offered; the authentic recipe of one of the premier semi modern Italians (who’s violins exceed £100k at auction)  passed on to me during my apprenticeship, or a soft oil varnish formula of my own, a plausible recreation of the classical Italian varnish, both used with my own ground (wood preparation) formula. Varnish options are available in a new or gently antiqued finish.

Violin Making Scroll 2017


Who makes “Nial Cain” violins?


I do, from end to end, by hand. I don’t buy in white instruments and offer them as “workshop” instruments, neither do I buy pre carved or pre jointed tops, backs or scrolls. I don’t work with or employ outworkers, and the instruments are solely my work, from design, fine woodwork, varnishing with my own varnish process, to setup.

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