Welcome to the website of North Wales luthier Nial Cain. You can find out a little more about who I am and what I do on the About page.

If you’re interested in buying a new instrument made by me, see the New Instruments page.

If you want to view antique or vintage instruments and bows I have for sale, or you have something similar for sale which you think I might be interested in, see the For Sale page.

If you have had an accident or damaged your instrument, see the Repairs and Restoration page.

If you think your instrument is not performing optimally, or has sounded better before than it does now, see the Setup page.

Please see my blog page to see what I’ve been up to lately – this might not be entirely violin related!

Finally, at the moment there is a dearth of online information about the Welsh Crwth – an early Welsh bowed Lyre which died out in the early nineteenth century but which is currently undergoing a revival. It is with great pleasure that I publish here a three part illustrated essay on making a Crwth – also Dr Cass Meurig’s instructional booklet Llawlyfr y Crythorion (English text) on how to play the Crwth, made available here by kind permission.

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